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Partner with us for advanced digital assessment solutions

A tailored digital assessment platform designed for awarding organizations, ensuring seamless and secure evaluation processes.

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Empowering awarding organizations with secure e-assessment solutions


At BetterExaminations, we're transforming the assessment landscape with our end-to-end eAssessment and exam management platform. Save time and ensure secure, dependable, and verifiable recognition of learning outcomes through our comprehensive platform.

Efficiently create, manage, and assess a variety of evaluations, from routine checks to high-stakes assessments. Our scalable system accommodates diverse award categories, ensuring precise measurement of knowledge, skills, and competencies.

Digital assessment transformation

Streamline assessments with versatile evaluation types and comprehensive management tools.

Flexible evaluation process

Enable flexibility, allowing evaluations from any location.

50+ Question Types

Covering a spectrum of subjects with various types, ensuring suitability for all professional certification needs.

Enhanced Security

Robust security features ensure a trustworthy evaluation environment, including ID verification, device lockdown, and live or AI proctoring.

Revolutionize your digital assessment journey

Experience a user-friendly, powerful, and flexible evaluation and assessment platform designed to transform how awarding organizations design, develop, deliver, and award recognition for diverse learning outcomes.

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Modern user interface

Consistent and professional evaluation experience in a visually appealing and easy-to-use platform.

Versatile Evaluation Types

Catering to all professional domains, covering diverse evaluation authoring needs.

Repository & Frameworks

Build and store a variety of evaluation content and associated frameworks for future assessments.

Screenshot of the BetterExaminations platform

Management Oversight

Maintain evaluation integrity and governance processes with a complete view of assessments.

Manage Paper and Digital Evaluations

An end-to-end platform for managing various evaluation formats.

Insightful Reports & Analytics

Ensure evaluation integrity, security, and standardization with comprehensive reports and statistics.

Screenshot of the BetterExaminations platform

Configurable Workflows

Peace of mind with evaluations reviewed and signed off before assignment, including External Validators.

Flexible Evaluation Integrity Features

Choose from a range of proctoring and invigilation options configured on an evaluation-by-evaluation basis.

Management Reports & Grading Statistics

Have a complete view of your organization's assessments while maintaining exam integrity, security and the standardization of examination governance processes.

"COVID-19 forced us to go digital, and BetterExaminations made the transition seamless. This led to cost savings and improved experiences for examiners and students. The success led us to permanently adopt BetterExaminations, leaving traditional methods behind."

Law Society of Ireland