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Exams and assessments. Re-imagined online.

BetterExaminations is an end-to-end high-stake exam management and assessment delivery platform. Securely create, approve, deliver, proctor/invigilate and grade examinations through a single cloud-based system.

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Built to dramatically streamline and improve your exam & assessment experience

A comprehensive end-to-end Exam Management & eAssessment platform that delivers significant organizational efficiencies and an improved experience for students and exam candidates

Easily Create

With an easy to use, yet powerful, assessment authoring interface the system caters for all types of assessments, disciplines and assessment requirements.

Online Exam Delivery

Create a positive examination experience for your students in a single secure accessible system, from anywhere in the world.

Alternative Assessments

Go beyond traditional exams and assessments with support for OSCEs, practical assessments, orals, presentations, patchwork, portfolio, in-tray assessments and many more types of alternative assessments.

Exam Management

BetterExaminations is a flexible end-to-end exam management solution that can reduce exam and assessment running costs, while dramatically improving exam management workflow, governance & reporting.

Proctor & Invigilate

For higher stake exams, BetterExaminations offers a number of flexible & configurable proctoring options to help maintain exam integrity.


Traditional Paper Exams

With an easy to use, yet powerful, assessment authoring interface the system caters for all types of assessments, disciplines and assessment requirements whether digital or paper.

Marking,Feedback & Reports

Academics can easily and quickly mark exams and assessments from anywhere in the world as soon as the exam is over. 

Transform your Exam and Assessment Experience

With our user-friendly, powerful and flexible exam and assessment platform you can transform how you create, manage, deliver and grade, while delivering a fantastic experience for exam takers and students.

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Modern user interface

BetterExaminations offers a consistent and professional assessment experience for students, academics and teachers in a visually appealing and easy-to-use platform.


Accessibility gives everyone the chance to succeed; that’s why exams with BetterExaminations Experience are rich with WCAG 2.1-compliant accessibility features.

Desktop, laptop, table or smartphone

Use the platform from anywhere in the world using a device you are comfortable with. Unless you're sitting a high stake proctored exam all you need is a modern browser.

Screenshot of the BetterExaminations platform

50+ Question Types

The system caters for all disciplines. From Chemistry to Mathematics, longform essays, alternative assessments, multiple-choice to audio / video answers the system covers all exam authors’ needs to create comprehensive, effective examinations that move beyond closed questions.

Question Banks

Exam authors can build up an array of questions, and associated rubrics, and store these in the Question Banks for future assessments.

Auto Marking & Randomization

Save lots of time and increase exam integrity by having us randomize questions and even add variables to questions so everyone sees a different version of a question. We can even auto grade answers to save you a lot of time.

Screenshot of the BetterExaminations platform

Positive Student Experience

Students use technology to learn but are still asked to write paper exams. We include lots of builtin features to improve the experience including the time to allocate to answers and marking questions you wish to return to.

Assessment & Exam Tools

Quickly create new exams and assessments using innovative question types. When the time comes quickly grade exams and assessments from anywhere in the world.

Support for a wide select of assessment methods

Go well beyond formal multi hour exams, with audio and video assessments or shorter topic specific assessments. Anonymous marking is also supported.

Screenshot of the BetterExaminations platform

Flexible User Roles

We understand that every organization's structure and processes are not the same. The BetterExamination platform is designed with flexibility and configurability in mind to facilitate the largest Universities through to smaller awarding bodies.

Configurable Review Workflows

Your digital exams can be put through the workflows, that can include External Examiners That means peace of mind, knowing your exams have been reviewed and signed off before they can be assigned to students.

Exam Management Oversight

Have a complete view of your organization's assessments and exams while maintaining exam integrity and governance processes.

Screenshot of the BetterExaminations platform

Automatic Grading

Save a lot of time by having the platform automatically grade the answers of certain question types. This will allow you to spend more time to review longer answers and provide productive feedback.

Grading Rubrics

Easily create grading rublics for certain question types or individual questions, to ensure marketing consistency across.

Assessment Feedback

Connect back with your students with our rich feedback and moderation tool. Easily add specific feedback to specific answers which the student can view as part of reviewing their exam or assessment result.

Screenshot of the BetterExaminations platform

Auditing & Quality Control

Organization level reporting features ensure that quality control processes are monitored and a strong audit trail will give you confidence that you are operate as a high performing organization.

Management Reports

Have a complete view of your organization's assessments and exams while maintaining exam integrity, security and the standardization of examination governance processes.

Grading Statistics

Quickly review exam grading statistics for any level of your within your organization or for specific exams. External examiners can anonymously inspect grading efforts and offer suggestions and comments.

Screenshot of the BetterExaminations platform

Single Signon

Easily integrate with a centralized authentication platforms so that students, exam candidates, staff and academics can login using a single set of logins.

Learning Management Systems

BetterExaminations can tightly integrate with platforms such as Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas and Desire2Learn so that there is a positive experience for students.

Student Management Systems & CRM

BetterExaminations can tightly integrate with platforms such as Ellucian, Tribal and other student records systems used in Universities, Colleges and High-schools. Our open interfaces can also integrate with solutions used in membership organizations, delivery of online learning and continuing education.

Screenshot of the BetterExaminations platform

ID Verification

Have exam takers verify their identity by presenting identification documents prior to starting an exam. The photo from the identification can be used to ensure the same person is consistently taking the exam or assessment.

Device Lockdown

BetterExaminations offers you a lot of flexibility as to what resources an exam taker can access and what features of their device they can use. Lockdown features can be configured on an exam by exam basis.

Live or AI Proctoring

BetterExaminations offers you a wide range of proctoring and invigilation options, which can be configured on an exam by exam basis. The suitability of the options will depend on the volume of candidates and if the exam is "high stakes".

Screenshot of the BetterExaminations platform

Built to Scale

The BetterExaminations platform is built using the most modern Amazon Web Services Cloud architectures. This highly scalable, secure and resilient architecture can even facilitate hundreds of thousands of people concurrently sitting a single exam!

Access from anywhere

Using your own device, sit an exam from anywhere in the world or in a traditional exam hall, every option is supported. Using a content delivery network application load speed is optimized but also designed to allow for low and intermittent bandwidth situations.

Amazon Web Services Cloud Infrastructure

BetterExaminations, as part of the Terminalfour Group, is the only eAssessment solution in the world to meet the AWS Well Architected Standards, based on the Education & Public Sector Competency evaluation criteria. We are an AWS Advanced Partner.

Screenshot of the BetterExaminations platform

Strong Encryption

The BetterExaminations platform is built with strong encryption at it's core. Sensitive data within our platform is protected using individual public / private keys to ensure that questions, grades and personal data are protected.

Security Certification

BetterExaminations is an ISO 27001 Information Security certified organization. Information security is a part of our culture and development methodologies.

Single Sign-on

Use best in class authentication technology, already used by your organization, such as SAML, Shibboleth, CAS and Active Directory to increase security and improve the user login experience.

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We’d be delighted to demo the platform, focusing on your specific needs to show you how BetterExaminations can transform your organization.

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Flexible proctoring and invigilation options

Not all exams and assessments are equal

Flexibility by design. Choose which is the right proctoring approach for each exam or assessment.

Open-book, alternative assessments and use of locked down browsers are perfect for low stake exams.

For high stake exams, use configurable features such as ID Verification and automated AI or live human proctoring.

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Open Book

Allow students to use all the resources available or even record answers using audio or video.

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Flexible Locked Down Browser

Completely lock-down an exam taker's browser or allow them specific access to particular tools or websites.

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Live Proctoring / Invigilation

A human supervises the exam or assessment in person or live using the candidate's webcam.

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Automated AI Proctoring

Our builtin AI proctoring features use machine learning to identify suspicious behaviors. These events can be reviewed at a later date.